Auto CAD help, involving hyperlinks

Hey everyone,
I'm kind of new to AutoCAD, so I'm sorry if the answer to this question
is obvious...but....
I have a URL I want to show up when someone clicks on a piece in
AutoCAD. Kind of like a hyperlink in AutoCAD that shows you a website
on the web (ie. not using AutoCAD but IE or whatever browser the person
is using). Can anyone help? Thanks a lot!
Any questions let me know!
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I can help discuss this with you as I'm a web developer and experienced using CAD. What you wrote is confusing though. Try explaining again... or contact me if you need discrete about what you are working on...
Hey everyone,
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I've just gone through something similar (check out my original posting a few days ago).
The trick is to create your links with the command HYPERLINK. Then select your Text or Block and choose your Web link (or file).
Then... save Your drawing as a DWF file (you'll have to create a DWF printer... simple enough - take a look at the Help file - I found the DWF for Optimize for Plotting to be the better visual output).
Now just get your Client to download the latest DWF viewer from AutoDESK:
formatting link
And they'll be able to run your Hyperlink with CTRL+Click like you can in AutoCAD.
The only thing is that MS Internet Explorer MUST be the default Web Browser - I use FireFox and have to change it when I do any testing.
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Mr. B

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