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I thought I'd post this in a seperate thread so it didn't get lost and might help everyone.

Your user account with the ISP you use has a directory for you to use. All ISP's that I know of give you a small amount of space to use like 5MB or so. Call or e-mail your ISP and ask them for the URL or directory that you is yours on their server. For one of my ISP's, theirs is simply accessed by logging in, then going to the default directory of /webpages for me. They can give you the details.

Specifically, images that are put on auctions, simply call a certain file. Web broswers are essentially only file transfer programs. Everything you see on a webpage, are files whether it be images, text or other.

If you want to post an image, all you have to to is make sure to specify where the image is accessed from with a direct root link. As websites go, they can run via a relative directory. IE, kinda like your file folders on your computer. It knows to look on your computer and not somewhere else. However, think of the internet as one huge computer. You have to tell it on what drive that image is, to show it. SO....

To put an image on an auction, first, you need to use a program to put the image into your directory at your ISP that is provided. For instance, if your service is through say "" then you would have a subdirectory for your username. Something like

formatting link
That is where you direct your FTP program to "put" the image to show on your auction. Now, there are several programs to use to upload files for websites. One that I find handy and just for that use is WsFTPLite. You can get it here:

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At and it's free. If it doesn't default, just type in WS_FTP LE in the search box.

Here is a page giving brief information on how to use it.

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Now, once you have uploaded your image, you put whatever text on the ROL auction page that you want, and where you want your picture, you put in the "direct" root telling the webpage where to look for it. yes it may look kinda wierd seeing code along with regular text, but that's how it works, so don't worry. You will see the code will not show when you preview.

ROL's system reads HTML code, or in lamens terms, webpage coding. Tags like tells the browser to break to the next line. Tags like makes whatever is in between them bold. Now, to tell the page where to look for the picture, the code is:

Pulling that apart, it tells the persons browser to show the page, and in the page place the picture "picturename" on the page as well, with the dimensions being xxx wide, by xxx tall. Something like 150 for wide and

275 for tall, measured in pixels. To get an idea of what size that is, think of your system. Your monitor has various resolutions, something like 800 wide by 600 high. So, the image will appear about half the size of the screens height. the higher the persons resolution, the smaller the picture will be. Just put in the numbers in the code that you read when you save the file on your system. Just check the picture properties and it will tell you the numbers.

The ".jpg" is an extension telling what kind of file it is. you can save a picture file as a .jpg or .gif, but never use one saved as .bmp or bit map. .bmp files are way too large. Try and optimize your image down to a size of

200kb or less. You may have to play with the program you are using to work with the images to familiarize yourself with it, but it's a necessary evil when dealing with images on the web to keep the file size small.

I hope this has helped you and others understand the logistics of webpages and how you can post images on webpages, auctions or otherwise to show off your rockets :)


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Thanks for the lesson. That helped make sense out of a few other things for me.

-- Eric Benner TRA # 8975 L2 NAR # 79398

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Eric Benner

One thing to add:

Some web guys don't bother to route DNS appropriately. Sometimes you need to either make sure to put in the

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and sometimes it's simply I'm sure you've all seen it where you type in a web address without the www and the site never loads. Or you have to type it in without the www to get the site. Guys runnning ISP's should know better but way too many of them don't bother to submit the address both ways to default. Just make sure to type in the source server as is required to get to their site in the first place and no worries.


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