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I went to Balls 2002 and I was amazed by the big Black Rock desert, the flattest surface Ive ever seen! Imagine, I come from Switzerland where we've nothing else than mountains ;) So I was quite amazed be the PRIMERA Space Shot, which ended badly.. and by the 100'000 feet flights during the following Balls 2002 event.

I decided to put my pictures online. So Ive put in place a gallery. I invite you to go and see it, but to post your picture there too! Ive a webserver with plenty of space, so you can try. Not everything is configured yet, and many other features will come, but you can already subscribe and have your own albums (private or public). You can post your comments under the pictures, as it acts as a forum too.

Don't hesitate to tell me what your think about it.


Raphaël Jubin

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