what to put on the sign?

Hey guys
Akmost done my winnter late WW2 dio, German tank driving past a knocked out
Soviot thing.
Stuck on the Italeri(ex esci) post with 2 pointy signs, yeah i know most
signs were removed but what can i doodlge on them? I just wanted a visual
thing thats all.
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Julian 'Penny for the guy' Hales
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Za Stalina! but it'll look more like "3a CtaJIIIha!" The JI would be joined at the top as the other two characters. Just a thought.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Mad Modeller
Or 'Smert Fashizmu!' - Death to Fascism - in Cyrillic of course.
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Ken Duffey
I snapped off the sign now.......i didnt know what to google or could find in my books. I want to put the sign back tho tomorrow tho!
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Julian 'Penny for the guy' Hales

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