German WW2 Landing Craft

I've been trying to dig up information on German landing craft in order
to make an informed buying decision. Philip at Tracks & Troops lists a
number of 1/72 scale landing craft from a manufacturer called MGM. The
problem is that neither he nor I know what any of the landing craft
actually look like. And the one good site I've found with info on these
formatting link

...doesn't show the same designations. If anyone has any idea of what
the craft listed below look like I'd appreciate your wisdom.
MG60/05 Flatbottomed riverboat Typ A motorised
MG60/06 Engineer landingferry 41 with deckhouse
MG60/07 Flatbottomed boat Typ A w.gun & mount
MG60/08 Flatbottom Flak boat Typ A w. 3 x 37mm Flak 36
MG60/09 Landungsfähre Führungsboot with Flak 38
Mark Levine
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Mark Levine
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