German Field Conversions? - And Dio Idea

Saw in the World War II mag, July/Aug pg 48 a pic of a half-track mounted

88 being used in Normandy. How were such conversions done? Since DML/Dragon holds the monopoly on weird and obsucure German armor I figured they would have made a kit of it if the conversion was done in large enough numbers.

It appears to be on the bed of a 8ton halftrack.

Also in the same article on Operation Goodwood, there is a painting of a Sherman of the Irish Guards about to ram a Tiger II. Probably did not even feel it. Anyway, the story goes that the Sherman's gun jammed and the tank rammed the Tiger to stop its gun from traversing. Both crews bailed and headed for a trench, while a lieutenant crawled to a nearby Firefly and took out the Tiger with a point blank range.

Could be a good dio of the two tanks together along with both crews in the same trench together.


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88 MM conversions were done on the 12-ton and 18-ton halftrack--the 8-ton was too light. Only a handful were made, as the chassis was not a good choice for a self-propelled mount. There was an extensive build-up article split between several issues of Military Miniatures in Review a few years back. Thomas Jentz's softcover book series, Panzer Tracts, may have drawings of the beasts. Available direct from the Panzer Tracts website. Gerald Owens
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Military Modelcraft International, February 2003, has an article on combining the Tamiya 18t Famo and their 88mm gun into one of these beasts. The article includes a one page set of simplified drawings as well as the usual construction description and plenty of photos.


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