Autocad LT help for non CAD person

To start off, I'm a computer person, not a CAD person. Our draftsman
quit and I need to plot some drawings but am having a problem. Some of
the drawings have a lot of yellow on them, which doesn't show up very
well when plotted on white paper. I've tried plotting using grayscale,
but the yellow just shows up as a very faint gray. I've found the
layers screen and changed the color for the all layers that show as
yellow to black, but some of them still show up as yellow. Is there a
simple way to tell Autocad LT to plot everything in black? Also, is
there a way to have the drawing on the screen with a white background
instead of a black one? Thanks for any help.
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Tersely worded but sufficient to point me in the right direction.
Thanks Dan
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Chances are there is already a pen setting in the computer somewhere that the previous cad person set up. Your problem will be in finding it.
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Plot dialogue, Plot Device tab, set Plot Style Table to monochrome.ctb
That should do it.
HTH, Mick
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