6 hours trying to figure this out


My plot previews show some layers as black, and the rest as grey. I've set all colors to black, all lineweights the same. Two layers show as black, but I can't see anything different in their stats.


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Do you use any plot style? If so, are the plot styles assigned correctly?


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Jürgen Palme

Page Setup>Modify> under plot style uncheck Display plot styles?

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Chip Harper


I tried plotting both with and without 'Display with Plot Styles' and 'Display Plot Styles'.

I did figure out something.

Any object on a layer that has a white color (my workspace backgrounds are always white) always plots correctly. If I change a layer to any layer that has white as it's color it plots. all others plot as gray. In the layer manager, I set all the plot colors to black, all lineweights to .15.

I'm guessing that acad is still printing in grayscale and it has a feature that puts a black line around white layers so it will show up on paper, and that is what is getting activated. I am using the monochrome ctb. Hmmm.


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Smarf, what plotter are you using? Often internal plotter configurations will produce symptoms similiar to what you are describing.

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