how to freeze items

when I am building my viewports in paperspace how do i freeze different
layers in different viewports
for example in paperspace one [ layout one ] i want to show certain layers
of a 3d solid model from paperspace , so i turn off the layers i dont want
to see and then i dimension in paperspace anfd plot
then in me succeding layouts i want to show different layers than in the
first layout tab , some the same some different , when i change them in the
second layout tab they change in the first , so if i want to replot it i
have to go back and forth changining layers on and off
i have no actual training just self taught
i am using autocad 2006
i am really new at paperspace
my drawings are all extruded solids of different weld farications , walkways
, stairs and such
any help or links to good tutorials would be appreciated
thanks william
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Use the VPLAYER command. All the details you'll need are in the HELP system. ___
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Paul Turvill
But, if I after doing this change something in MODEL with this layers, that will not be changed in layout? Or am i not having wright? I vill need something to do this. Because, i often change something in model, and i need this changes have in layout also! Can you little describe me this procedure please, because, from help I did not figure how to do this?
Sorry about my english.
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I'm not sure I understand your question, but if you freeze a layer in a paper space viewport, that layer and everything in it will remain invisible in that viewport. No matter what editing or additions you make in that layer in model space, they will remain invisible in any viewports in which the layer is frozen. ___
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Paul Turvill

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