I having problem setting up 4 different layouts on title block sheet using AUTOCAD 2002LT. I am trying to set up 4 layouts of a building using a scale of 1/4"=1'-0" with a border that is 36X48 scale 1"=1".

I need help or a direction to a good direction since the drawing are needed Monday morning

Frank Earl

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Assuming you have one drawing that is being used for model space, here is one way to go about it.

Go to your paper space tab and set up the drawing layout for your

36x48 paper. Insert your title block on the paper space layout. It should come in at 36x48 in paperspace. You can insert your title block as a block.

Go to View and select Viewports > 4 Viewports. It will ask you to select the the first corner or hit enter for fit. Hit enter if you want four equally sized viewports or select first corner for the upper left and second corner for the lower right. You can adjust the size of the windows by clicking on the window lines and streching or "shrinking" them.

You should now see four viewports with you model space drawing appearing in each. Click on a view port window line and it should highlight. Double click on the paper box down at the bottom of the screen where you see other boxes like grid, snap, ortho, etc. It will change to model and you shoudl see your view window lines get wider.

Type zoom and then enter 0.020833xp and hit enter. That window should now be sized for 1/4" scale. Hit model tab to go back to paper space and repeat for the remaining windows.

To adjust the view, hit the paper/model box for a window and use the pan feature (hand in the zoom menu) to slide the model space drawing around.

This is just one way to do it. I'm sure there arer plenty of others and probably more efficient too. But give it a try if you don't get any better solutions.

Allyn \

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Allyn Vaughn


Thanks for your help but I meant to say was the bldg is drawn at 1=1in model space and I have 4 different vports I want to plot on 4 different dwgs w/title blocks at the scale of 1/4"=1'0"

How does this change your dricetions? Any help ?? Sorry Frank

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So you have one model space drawing (1=1) that has the building you want to print? If so, you then want 4 different vports on one drawing or 4 different drawings with different views of the same building?

With 4 different vports on same drawing with title block, what I said before shoudl still work.

With 4 different drawings (each with it's own title block) showing 4 different views of the same building in model space then you will set up one viewport for the first drawing in layout space like before (one instead of 4). Scale it to 1/4" by using the zoom xp function. Pan the view to where you want the view of the building. Once you set this up, right click on the layout tab in the lower portion of the drawing. Rename it to label the view you want. Then right click it agin and then selct move or copy. Seclect create a copy and them move to end. You now should have a copy of the first layout drawing you just set up. You can then adjust the view like you did for each the one before. Do this until you have created your 4 different drawings. You then plot each one separtely.

Did I understand you right this time?

Good luck

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Allyn Vaughn

That is it I am goin to try it now


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Thanks for all your help, I finally got it w/your notes and working w/the wizard w/a dwg which I had other layouts like the ones I was needing,

I had never use that since my area of work is mechanical parts and you just pick a sheet anda dwg scale to make it work

It's nice to know how to use that and will again w/this project weekly and on other projects now

Thanks again Frank Earl

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