Editing Blocks

I am having trouble editing blocks, I have them in a Tool Palette from a
master drawing, but I change the Blocks in the master and they remain the
same in the new drawing I am working in.
Is there something I am missing?
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Mathew Birtch
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Once you insert block from Tool Palette, this will be your end result. Changes to the master will not change on the Current Drawings. Changes will only appear on the New Dawing. This command do not work as insert and re-insert blocks.
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Peak Luan
To update the block in a drawing already containing a previous version with the same name, you need to re-define the block in that drawing. To do this, you need to insert the block from the base file type ddinsert and browse to the location of the revised block file. When you insert the block it will ask if you want to redefine the block. Say yes, and it will change all incidences of the block already in the drawing to match the new pattern.
Save your drawing before trying this in case it's not what you want!
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