Block attribute problem

I have a unique issue - can't find an answer for this one. I have a
drawing with a problem with all the blocks that have attributes. If I
want to move or copy any block with attributes, the attribute offsets
double to the distance, in the same direction that I'm moving or
copying the block.
Does that make sense? Let me elaborate.
If I move or copy any block that has an attribute, the attribute
doesn't stay with the block. Let's say I move a block 3'-0" @ 0
degrees. The block item moves 3'-0" at 0 degrees, but the attribute
moves 6'-0" @ 0 degrees. If I move the block 20'-0" @ 135 degrees, the
block item moves 20'-0" @ 135 degrees, but the attribute moves 40'-0"
@ 135 degrees.
The same thing happens if I copy the block.
I'm using AutoCAD 2009. Not sure what version the drawing was created
in - we received it from a vendor. They did use CAP for the modular
furniture layout (furniture blocks with attributes). But, the problem
is happening with all attributed blocks, including Column bubbles, not
just the CAP furniture pieces.
Any clues as to how to keep the attribute attached to the block? I'm
sure it's something simple like a 0/1 toggle, but I can't find the
correct command.
Thanks in advance,
Eric Babula
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Is it a dynamic block?
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Not sure if it is the reason - but there is a "lock position" function to attributes..
Only other thing I could think of to suggest is writing out the block and opening it and seeing what you can find - maybe it's an issue of not having the same font....
EricBabula wrote:
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A little question. what you mean whith this sentence? Do you mean copying it in the same drawing to an another coordinate or copy/paste the block in a new drawing? If you haven't did the last one, try it. This way you can see it if it's the block itself or a drawing feauture which you can set to I/O. Maybe a clue what happens to your drawing in the next link:
formatting link
read the comments.
Gr. Houtig
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"EricBabula" wrote
Have you tried creating a new block in the same drawing to see if it behaves in the same way? If it doesn't, then this may indicate that it's the method, or the software used, to create the existing blocks that is causing the problems.
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