Anyone have a ATTRIBUTE edit lisp program?

I had a attribute lisp program and some how lost it. Does
anyone have one, or maybe the code for collection and editing
of an attribute that they can post here?
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What do you want it to do?
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Michael Bulatovich
I just need the code for collecting information from a title blocks attributes and storing that info for insertion into another blocks attributes.
Say I'm replacing the title block. I need to capture the old title block info for inserting into the new one.
If I can just get the code for just one attribute (say "TITLE") then I would be able to take it from there but it would also be nice to have the code for updating an existing attribute.
Thanks Richard
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On the first part, I have a routine to do this. As long as the tag names are the same it'll migrate the values from one block to another, no matter what the blocks are named. It's on my site and called ATTCOPY. On the second part, I don't follow you.
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Michael Bulatovich
Would the Burst command work for you?
Burst replaces the attribute with normal text, Not sure if your trying to retain your attributes or not but that's what I use whenever I get attribute laden title blocks or drawings with attribute room names (that are a pain for us to mess with).
Burst can be found in the bonus lisp commands.
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sure what do you have to do to the atts change values or format the text? lemme know what you need to do and what version of autocad you have
BOO to you Learn to use your tools or train your people
when someone like you screws up a drawing I created by removing the atts or other useful data, exploding all the blocks, and hatches. I REFUSE to work in that project any longer unless I am certain the drawings are only 1 way, from me to you,
you may as well fully explode all the entites down to lines: Plot the entire drawing to a DXB file and reinsert the resultant 500,000 vectors onto layer 0. nothing but lines, usually very short lines,
there is nothing more useless or time wasting than a pile of vectors floating around a screen, do you assign COLORS and Widths to your lines and arcs also?
using a pencil is faster than working in a drawing that has been exploded to base entities
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