can't find MMO! : (

help, guys! i know its not quite welding, but it was brought up in a
previous post.
I can't seem to find Marvel Mystery Oil anywhere in Ottawa. Any local
guys know of a retailer that carries it? contrary to MMO website,
WalMart didn't(may be a US vs Canada walmart thing). the only auto
place I haven tried is NAPA. I'm heading/calling there next.
-mark in ottawa, canada
--still under 5 ft of snow--
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personally I use a Redex injector cleaner on my land rovers makes more or less the same claims . Derek (uk)
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ugh, NAPA, PartsSource, CarCare, and a number of independent shops don't carry it either. most think I'm pulling their leg when I ask for it. "..Marvel? the comic books?..."
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I buy it at Autozone. Might not be in Canukistan, but they are all over the US
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From MMO website
Unfortunately, Marvel Mystery Oil is not available anymore at Canadian Tire. However, Marvel Mystery Oil in the US Gallon size is stocked by TruServ Canada. The TruServ Canada stocking number is 0414200.
You could call them:
Canada Eastern Canada (Ontario, Quebec) (905) 470-6665 Western Canada (Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia) (204) 334-6797
I'm sure that almost every, if not every US store that carries auto supplies carries this so you could just drive down to Ogdensburg and buy a gallon of it. I can't believe taking it back across the boarder would be any different than bringing in a can off motor oil. -Doug
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yeah, I saw that notice too. I've sent them (TruServ) an email. they're suppliers for some local(outlying rural communities) farm supply stores. May have to drive a bit out of town, but I think ultimately it'll have to wait till I make a trip stateside....provided my blood/urine/stool samples pass inspection at the border, and they let me in. :-P
I'll post if I hit local paydirt, thanks -m
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