Not really CNC, but you guys might know someone...

It's not in my range of products:

The customer specializes in importing machines for manufacturers in Turkey.

They got my name and address from my web site and seem legitimate enough for me to look a bit deeper at this. It's not my normal line of business but I'm pretty sure these folks are not simply spammers or scammers...

Their customer has opened a new inquiry with them about the deep hole boring machine for the weapons industry. They need 1 piece, deep boring work bench with 4 shafts (presumably for four barrels at a time)

If someone here can supply them with this type of machine *legally* then I'll be glad to forward their e-mail to you directly.

the deal is international so there are certain to be some export hoops to jump through unless you can source it in Turkey for them.

If interested, they will then contact you with more technical details and other information.

Any takers?

I'd be completely out of the loop in this one other than the referral to you. If you got the sale and wanted to have donuts delivered for my staff, that would work as compensation. :)

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Joe AutoDrill
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Help a Muslim nation build guns, think carefully before responding.

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What could go wrong, turkey is a nato member.

Best Regards Tom.

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Howard Beal

Turkey is the sanest of the bunch.

Turkey is building F16s under license and has accepted an order for the F35. Refusing to sell a gun drilling machine will not make any difference.

Don't treat all Muslims like your enemy, they are not. Saying all Muslims are enemies is a self fulfilling prophecy.


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Yes, but you REALLY need to check the ITAR regulations on this, it sure sounds like it could come under those restrictions. Turkey is a NATO member, but you ARE responsible to know where the machine is ultimately going. You don't want the ITAR police coming after you if you didn't follow all the proper steps.

You can look up the basics on the US state department web site, i think (or maybe it is Commerce.)

I had a guy wanting a 3-axis CNC controller sent to Palestine. I had a bad feeling about this, and also had GREAT trouble figuring out the shipping charges, eventually after many calls, found out I had to ship it to Israel. Hmmm, yeah, I'll bet the Israelis would take a big interest in such a shipment, and I'd never get paid. Well, fortunately the customer never followed through, so i didn't have to deal with the dilemma.


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Jon Elson

enemies is a self fulfilling prophecy.

Turkey is becoming more radical under it's current leadership.

I don't treat all Muslims the same, I have a Muslim neighbor who I trade walnuts for honey with, so I don't have problems with individual Muslims.

Best, Steve

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Point already made clear.

"If someone here can supply them with this type of machine *legally* then I'll be glad to forward their e-mail to you directly."

My comments relate to private opinion, not official policy.


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