Not quite on topic, but a plea for help!

Dear participants in the forum.
I am a PhD student at The Norwegian School of Management (BI) in
Norway. Currently we are conducting a research study trying to build
knowledge about how we, as consumers, are sharing our experience as
customers of products or services in discussion forum such as this
one. The data collected through this survey will form the basis for
my PhD dissertation. I find the discussions in this forum very
interesting, and invite you to participate in the study on the link
below. Answering the survey will take approximately 10 minutes of
your time.
formatting link

To those of you that take this posting offensive, I apologize.
Many thanks to those of you who take the trouble and help me in my PhD
All comments, positive or negative, are welcomed, but please mail me
directly ( so we don't spam this forum
Best regards, Liv Karin Slåttebrekk
PhD Student, Department of Marketing, NSM BI
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Liv Karin Slattebrekk
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