My Dark Age In Lego!!!

My dark age in Lego began in the summer of 86! When we decided to put are childhood toys in storage outside in our shed with other things. I did not touch Lego but I would go to Toys R Us just look at the sets while my other hobby of collecting cars was going. There were times that I wished I could put together my space sets but couldn't remember where we put the Legos. Anyway getting back into Lego came by accident in 92 a bunch of us had gone over to a friend who had come back from the Navy and we were reminiscing about our favorite toys and his was Legos. We went to his parents house and found his Lego space and built alot of stuff. I ended up buying in that same year a small Lego dragster, In the fall of 92 I ended up in a middle school working with kids with disabilities and one of my students ended up in a class where he was working on a Lego car and he asked for my help. I had forgotten how much fun it was..Little would I know that in 96 I would be going full tilt back into Lego after finding them again the shed. Thanks to my Friend who was in the Navy back in 92. From Andy

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