Not quite a modelmaker's lathe, but...

I've just been to look at a lathe in our local garage. It's been there
since Noah sailed away. Proprietor has never used it (and he's nearly
aas old as I), and he professes not to know how to.
It's big - almost as big as my desire, and I'd guess it was made in the
1910s or 1920s - flat belt pulleys, and if there is a motor, it's parked
under a bench somewhere.
I haven't given it a thorough going-over, but it all feels nice and
tight (or rusty? Ed.). I don't expect the throat is as big as I'd like,
but if I really *need* deep throat, I know where there's a lathe which
came out of the Eastern Omnibus works, and the faceplate requires a
fork-lift truck or a big chain differential pulley to raise it.
When I get rond to pestering Roger for a good old gander at it, I'll
take erotic porn^h^h^photographs of it and put them up on my wibble.
Then I shall be asking how much people think I should bid for it...
If/when it is installed, URMEers will be welcome to come and make things
on it - within reason(!). (Location South Norfolk)
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Jim Wilkins
Thanks for that - I'll have a look at my leisure - I've been angling for this lathe for two or three years, and I need to finish the place it will live before I even think of tryoing to get it home.
With that, I can make all the bits I need to rnder the Super Adept useful.
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