Problem with Solidworks Block Attributes vs. AutoCAD Block Attributes

Hello All,
A Block in Autocad lets me change every attribute individually.
For example; I have a octagon block that has attributes for
"CurrentPage" and "CurrentLine". The same block is used 21 times down
the left margin. I use this format for electrical schematics.
In Autocad I change the attributes to one of those blocks and the rest
stay the same.
I saved this block into a solidworks block and used it the same way in
solidworks, but when I change one "CurrentLine" attribute it changes
every "CurrentLine" for every instance of that block.
Can anyone give me a suggestion?
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You have to enable the attribute within the block in Solidworks. If the block has no attributes, then changing one block will update all of them. When you create the block the first time and then edit that block, assign attributes to those strings that will change in each block and you should be fine.
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