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Another straw poll - how many of you fill the drawing title block with
properties from the models and assemblies, and who keeps those custom
properties in the drawing file? I've always kept the custom properties
with the parts and assemblies, and have those properties in my
templates, but this is just habit.
Thanks, Miles
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I have done one of two things:
Keep all custom properties in the part or assembly. For this I use a macro and swCP3.
Put everything but the drawing info in the part or assembly and put drawn by, date and drawing revision (not part revisio) in the drawing.
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Here, we have all the title block stuff tied to drawing custom properties - nothing comes over from the models. Part of the reason is that we put several wlmts, assys, parts, etc on a drawing and no 2 are ever the same, nor hardly ever for just one thing. So rather than always wondering what will come over, we just fill in the drawing properties as needed.
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Wayne Tiffany
Parts and assys here. Takes care of the BOM. I also created a macro to propogate model referenced in a drawing's Description property to the Drawing on saving of the drawing so that it can be viewed when exploring for a file.
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CS, We use file properties in our parts & assemblies (custom & configurations specifc) and addition file properties in our drawings. With our current procedures, no manual entries are required in any of our drawings or BOMs. Taking advantage of the link capabilities to our PDM package (SmarTeam) the vast majority of required information automatically populates our PDM profile card entries. This SolidWorks functionality should be leveaged as much as possible to decrease errors & increase throughput. Regards, Eddie
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Hi when i drop a part or assembly on the a page the CP's are used to fill out every thing. I have just co writen an api that will copy all cp to the drawing as well, then use a pre set group of Cp's to make the file name and save the drawing to a pre set folder. eg: cp=number cp=description file name = number+description same api can then save PDF's with number+rev+sheet 1 of 3+description and then put it in a pre set folder
also go and have a look at a
formatting link
this is the cp editor i use to make sure all the cp a put in right.. the best thing about this is the auto number feature
regards Steve h
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