rtext title block autocad 2006

Hi all...
In drawing most house plan, we use 2 or 3 drawings (with multiple tabs in
for a set.
I would like to put a text file in the folder with the drawings with typical
title block
information (owners name, address, ect)
When I open a drawing I would like for the information in the text file to
appear on the
title block.
I have googled rtext and read lots of good stuff, but still not sure how to
do this.
Can you help?
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to the best of my understanding, RTEXT is just a way of embedding commands in your text, like system variables, drawing name and such.
it sounds more like you want a text file in a folder with the job that would be read into the file. I would do that with lisp. in fact I have several I play with that reads text OUT of the title block to write a text file for when I close out a job. client name and address, last plot date and such.
check out vlisp help files for OPEN and READ-LINE and such and play with it. I'll be around all weekend.
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