Structural Engineering migration, ADT 3.3 to Autocad 2006 (no ADT)

I have to go from Autodesk Architectural Desktop 3.3 (Autocad 2002 engine), what my previous firm was using (and is still using,) to Autocad 2006 (and eventually but not immediately 2007).

I don't need to know basic new features, I can look them up myself. However if there is anything major/important I need to know that was new in 2004 that I won't see in the Autocad 2006 books, then perhaps tell me if you think it's worth mentioning.

Anyway, back to the question at hand: Materials are gone (the seperate install for what was almost exclusively structural materials - and it was part of ADT if I remember correctly, and if I also remember correctly it was gone in ADT for 2004/2006. Also missing are break marks and a few other annotation objects from ADT's Annotation that were lost in getting the standard Autocad instead - but again if I remember correctly they were gone too, all for this "palette" system that has nothing in it, not even close.

So, if anyone can help me with this migration and getting the equivalent features in Autocad 2006 (even if I have to make them myself), let me know, please.

It would be *very* helpful, and I thank you in advance.

(P.S. - I was happy to see an old school command still remains - _track (only works after starting draw/modify command) - and I think it's ease of use and speed beats object tracking (standard) by a long shot. I am amazed express tools haven't been built-in yet, however.)

Thanks again.

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Materials are in R2006, use the "Rmat" command. You can import and modify materials in the same way as you would set them up for a material style in ADT.

All the annotation that you were used to in ADT will be gone, along with the sectioning, elevations, etc. You can probably achieve a similar effect by the use of clipping planes, but you will not get the hatches and other "smarts" that you are used to. I suppose it would be possible to recreate them programmatically, but the amount of time you would spend writing that would cost your company more than the extra =A3200 or so that ADT costs.

Big advances are in "Tables" and "Fields", much used in ADT but also present in vanilla AutoCad.

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