Re: Importing Wall Styles - ADT 2006

Drag and drop in stye manager isn't how it is done. To copy an individual
style or definition right-click the style or definition, and click Copy.
Right-click the drawing into which you want to paste the style(s), and click
Paste. The styles or definitions are pasted into the selected drawing. If
the drawing already contains a style with the same name, the duplicate name
is displayed in the Import/Export so resolve duplicate style names, if
Is there a special trick or incantation one needs to recite in order
> to successfully import/export wall styles in ADT 2006?
> I use the Style Manager to open the drawings. I drag and drop the wall
> style from open drawing to another. I get a message telling me that
> "duplicate names" have been found, and offering the choices to "leave
> existing," "overwrite existing" and "Rename to Unique." I choose
> "overwrite." It seems like something is happening, and then ...
> nothing changes. The wall style is left as is - not overwritten. I've
> tried "Rename to Unique, too, and it always reverts back to the way it
> had been before I edited it in it's original drawing.
> Ideas anyone?
> Thanks in advance ...
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