importing dxf into assembly as sketch

Is there a simple method of importing a dxf drawing directly into an
assembly tree (to be used as a layout sketch)? The help refers to importing
into parts only- it doesn't work for assemblies.
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You can do the following. I have done this several times. Open the .dxf file within SW. Then in your assembly, select the plane, or face of a part that you want to sketch on. Start a "new" sketch. Click back to the .dxf drawing that you opened and drag a box around all of the items that you want to copy. When everything that you want is selected (all items selected should be green) hit Ctrl-C, then click back onto the assembly and then hit Ctrl-V, you then will more than likely have to move, rotate, etc the sketch that you dragged and dropped into the position that you want. Then exit out of the sketch and you are done. Now make sure that in your browser on the right that the sketch you just completed is showing, if it is not the you right click on it and hit "show".
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Hi Steven
When I open the dxf SW asks if it shall open in a drawing or in a part/sketch. I always open in a part and this is the first part in my assembly. I give it a dummy name/number and then i have no problem with my bom.
Kind regards
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Klaus Sabroe
If you have AutoCad on your system you can open the dxf there and cut and paste into any SW sketch.
Regards Corey
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Corey Scheich
could you use a skeleton part?
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