Problems Printing with H/P Plotter

Hey all,

I have been having problems printing assembly drawings with bill of materials, and large detail sheets with hole charts, this also includes multiple sheet drawings and assemblies.

My system specs are P4 ~ Dell Workstation ~ 2.8 Ghz.

1GB Ram 128 or 256 MB Video (can't remember) Windows XP Pro OS

I am plotting to a HP 488CA large ink jet color printer can print up to a "D" size.

The problem is this. If I print an Assembly with or without a BOM, the drawing border will print with no text in the title block, the BOM text will print with only the vertical lines showing, the horizontal lines do not appear at all. What happens above is if I am lucky with the printing at all. Normally it just locks up the printer. Same thing happens with large detail sheets with hole charts, this also includes multiple sheet drawings and assemblies. We have the latest drivers for this plotter installed. Now here is the weird part. When I print out single sheet details with rev table, 1 item bill of materails the drawing prints out perfectly. Not a single problem. I have contacted our support person, and he has asked me to save it out as a .pdf file, I have done that and the printer has still locked up with those files. So today, I saved out all of my sheets to a .dwg R13 file, opened in ACAD and guess what, printed perfectly with no issues.

I am venting here, anyone else out there had any similiar problems or issues with printing. In my mind the last thing that I should have to worry about is printing a drawing. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. The only option that I have not tried is throwing the printer through the window. That is our last resort.

Thanks all.

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what version of SW are you using? sp?

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I have seen something similar on an HP330 and an old HP600 or 650. What we did was in the printer set up I thnk it is under advanced have it use the computers memory. It is a little slower but it worked. I suppose if this is your problem you could also get some more memory.


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Bryan Player

Your plotter is probably running out of memory. In our HP plotter options, under the advanced tab, there is an option you need to select to store the memory in your computer.

Give that a try, if it does not work, then shove the plotter out the window!

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I will give that a try.

By the way I am running SW2004 SP1.0

We do alot of surfacing, works really well. I am still learning as I go.

Thanks again to all.


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