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Is there a way in SW to capture the screen contents and save it to a jpeg or
I see these files being exchanged all the time with the whole screen
captured. I know that there are programs for sale to do this but was
wondering if I was missing something in SW2004.
If not, can I get some suggestions as to what some of the best programs are
that are available for screen captures.
Terry Robb
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Terry Robb
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Try ALT + Print screen then past to word
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There is a built in windows OLE for doing this. Hit the Print Screen button (normally next to F12) this captures a picture of the screene and adds it to the clipboard. You can then paste it into any picture friendly program. If you hold Alt down while hitting Print Screene you will get only the active window.
Regards, Corey
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Corey Scheich
Under [Start]-Programs->Accessories you should find Windows Imaging (Win2K) or Windows Paint (WinXP). Start a new file in either Paint or Imaging. Use the [Alt][PrtScr] to get a SW window screenshot into the clipboard. Then simply [Ctrl][V] to paste the picture. Click "Yes" if prompted to resize the image, and finally file save as *.jpg as needed.
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please check this site for an macro that saves quality bitmaps. A few weeks ago, I did find a macro that saves a screepcaptures while working with SWX, but I can't find it right now.
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Kind regards,
J.J. Zwaard
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"Terry Robb" wrote
Use screen captures only if you want to have the feature manager and/or buttons or other window in your picture. if you just want to show your model, use "SaveAs" and choose either .tif : no quality loss, huge files .jpg : compression loss, smaller files The hardest is then to resize/crop the picture to the size you want, until you get my ViewSize which sizes the view to standard (640x400, 800x600 ...) sizes. Hurry up, it won't be free anymore in a few days.
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Philippe Guglielmetti
On the Mac side, I use a utility called SnapZProX which allows the user control of exactly what is imaged, whether the whole screen, a window, a portion defined by the user and what color or B&W status and what output format (about 6-8 choices), and now does video capture, too. I would be surprised if someone is not doing a similar product for the PC.
Ambrosia Software, which does SnapZProX, should offer a Windows version if there is no competition on the PC side.
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Does anyone know of a total solution product like SnapZProX for screen capture on Windows?
I typically move my PC images to my Mac for any edit, crop & resize, but have also used a quicky program that came with MSOffice to edit images, though it had limited features, so I don't use it now. There have to be a ton of shareware image editing programs out there for the PC.
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Bo Clawson
I use a program called SnagIt from Techsoft. It allows you several different ways to do an image capture. Complete screem, by window, pick>
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There are a couple of ways:
Option 1. Fastest and at no cost is the Shift-Print screen. What ever is on the screen will be placed into the clipboard. Inside of Word issue Ctrl+V to paste.
Click the picture and the Picture toolbar in Word is displayed. By default, a picture comes into Word - In line with text. If you want to edit the picture and place it centered in your document use Top-Bottom.
Right-click Object, Layout on the picture to adjust spacing before and after.
You can also resize the picture by the drag handles or the Size option - if you want something specific.
Option 2. If you just want the Graphics window - you can zoom in on the model and save a jpeg - the jpeg image is what is displayed in the Graphics window.
Option 3.
I use Snag-it,
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You can download it for free for 30 days. It gives you more control on output and what you capture on the screen. You can add comments - easier than Word to your pictures.
Regards, Marie
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I found a program several years ago called GRAFWIN. Allows you to capture to multiple sources (printer, file, clipboard...) and choose a variable screen, full screen... Small and simple. Should be able to find free download. If not, e-mail me.
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