Anyone still using Excel 97 for BOMs?

I've had some problems with BOMs in SW2004 (SP2.1). A re-install of
Office 97 seemed to cure some of them, but I'm not sure if the
installation is working correctly. I can generate an XLS BOM without
error now, but when I double click it to launch Excel within SW, the
Excel toolbars and menus seem different. Specifically, the File menu
does not have a Save or Print option. The Save toolbar icon is grayed
out, and while the Print icon is accessible, it will not print.
Doing a "Save as XLS" lets me bring up the same BOM in a session of
Excel launched outside SW. In this case the missing menu and toolbar
items are visible and functional.
It has been several months since I generated a BOM, so I don't remember
details of the Excel interface within SW. If anyone out there has Excel
97, would you see if the missing menu and toolbar items are functional
for the SW-launched Excel? If not then it looks like SW intentionally
disables some Excel functions.
Art Woodbury
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Art Woodbury
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I used Office 97 to start with in SW 2004 but got some problems with my BOMs and design tables....talked to my VAR ....they told me they had tested it and found out Office 97 wasn't realy compatible with SW2004 so I switched fast to Office 2003.....on the other hand I remember reading a few posts about using excel 97 and SW2004 without problems...can't remember who wrote it thoguh
Krister L
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