Anyone know this KC-97?

I had occasion to fly through Minneapolis the other day and while we were taxiing out to take off, we passed the Minnesota Air Guard facility. In among the C-130's was a lone silver KC-97.

Anyone know if this thing ever flies??


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Nope. Last flight was Nov 200 from Hawins and Powers in Wy to the twin cities. Details here.

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Allen Epps

Amazing that it was used as a hamburger joint and was still able to fly one more time. Mike IPMS

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Mike Keown

I helped build the last KC-97 (the tanker version of the C-97) at the Boeing Renton plant in 1956. I also worked on the 1st jet tanker, the KC-135, and the commercial version, the 707. Prototype was the dash-80. The last KC-97 and first KC-135 rolled out together.

I heard that the Renton plant is no more.


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Robert Morrisette

The Renton plant is alive and well. Many of the older junkie buildings are now gone, but the plant still turns out 757 and 737 airplanes. The end is rumored to be in sight however. Word is that when the 737 finally stops production the plant will close. But since the 737 is by far the best seller of all the Boeing Commercial jets, and the Navy just announced Boeing the winner of the next maritime patrol aircraft, with a 737 derivative, the end of the Renton plant may be a long way away yet.


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Norm Filer

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