SP2.1 install failure

This is a first for me. When I try to install the SP0.0 to SP2.1 patch on my Win2K standalone machine running SW2004 SP0.0, I get this message:

"The installer cannot install the upgrade patch because the program being upgraded may be missing or the upgrade patch updates a different version of the program. Verify that the program to be upgraded exists on your computer and that you have the correct upgrade patch. (1642-0)"

SW functions ok and it is SP0.0. It has never been upgraded before. Locations are defaults. Any ideas?

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G. Wilcox
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From SWX site:

"Note: The web download of SolidWorks 2004 SP0 cannot be upgraded with a service pack. This version of SolidWorks must be uninstalled, and then SolidWorks should be reinstalled from CD, or administrative image."

Good Luck

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Count Zero

That sucks. I don't remember reading that. Thanks.

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G. Wilcox

ONLY if you downloaded & installed 0.0 from web site. if you installed from cd's, you shouldn't have a problem (in theory).

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kenneth b

One possibility is that your installation of SP0.0 was done with the files downloaded from the SolidWorks website (available just before the production CDs were distributed).

For whatever reason, it is NOT possible to update in this case from

0.0 to 2.1

You may find it necessary to uninstall and reinstall 2004 using the CDs and then apply the service pack(s)...

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Per O. Hoel

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