Clean installation onto XP Sp2 - Another sob story !!!

I've just tried to load SW2004 sp0 (from my CDs) on to a virgin copy of XP sp2 - it a brand new installation .

Everthing installs OK untill near the end when it is 'remooving back up files' = It then stops and gives a 'Warning Box' with an 1722 Error with the Windows Installer package.

SW2004 starts but then can't find its dongle !! which is of course plugged.

Is this easy to fix or I suppose my question is the following

Is it worth trying to persue getting SW to work with XP ( I bought an OEM copy so the £80 loss is not an issue)? or will Win 2000 be sufficient as the operating system for the next 3 years say -- I tend to upgrade my machines every 3 years and try not to do much 'underbonnet' fiddly in the meanwhile. So I can easily install my copy of Win2000 instead of XP.

I have tried to drill down in the SW web site to find out their policy for future support for Win2000 but no luck - Does anyone know for how many years SW will support future versions on Win2000.

I think I can live with Win2000 for the next three years - just to get something that actually works, but how long will SW make their new versions run on Win2000. To the non computer literate like myself XP seems to be a 'prettier' version of Win2000 but has it any other advantages over Win2000 that are worth the struggle to get SW to run on it?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Jonathan Stedman

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I can't speak for SW, but in the past it seems that they support an OS as long as MS is still supporting it.

By the time MS (and SW) drop support for Win2k, SW should be playing nice with XP sp2.

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Dale Dunn

Thanks Dale - It put a smile on my face.

As my children are away visiting the Outlaws in Scotland , I think I can spare the time and have the peace, to fiddle some more on this new machine and then if by 1am this evening I don't have sw2004 working on this machine I'll scrubb xp and go back to win2000.


Jonathan Stedman

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Hi I had this problem - you have to fiddle with the drivers for the dongle - it's nothing to do with Solidworks as such. Her's the post that I wrote about updating:

Running hinstall.exe again doesn't work imediately, there is also a entry in the boot.ini file that needs turning off, otherwise the software can't see the HASP dongle. I have now got everything working again having followed the comments here:

formatting link
Looks like the Vectorworks people are having fun as well. If you have a USB dongle, there are updated drivers at the Aladdin site:
formatting link
I have the parallel dongle and simply using the existing hinstall version that came with Solidworks did the trick.

H>> I can't speak for SW, but in the past it seems that they support an OS as

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Deri Jones

Jonathan, I was told by my VAR to NOT install SW2005 until SP1.0 when running XP SP2. You may want to check with yours.

Hope this helps.


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Steve D

W2K should be good for a few more years. It is robust and solid. MSoft seems to be in the mode now that SPs can invalidate current software in the quest for security and bugfixes. Windows is getting to be like UNIX was 10 years ago. I just had a number of problems upgrading a laptom with XPSP2. Missing files on the CD and it didn't support the DVD in the laptop. I'll just have to stay with XP HOME for that one.

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