XP SP2 instal = another sob story - but this time with sw2004 sp0

I've just tried to load SW2004 sp0 (from my CDs) on to a virgin copy of XP sp2 - it a brand new installation .

Everthing installs OK untill near the end when it is 'remooving back up files' = It then stops and gives a 'Warning Box' with an 1722 Error with the Windows Installer package.

SW2004 starts but then can't find its dongle !! which is of course plugged.

Is this easy to fix or I suppose my question is the following

Is it worth trying to persue getting SW to work with XP ( I bought an OEM copy so the £80 loss is not an issue)? or will Win 2000 be sufficient as the operating system for the next 3 years say -- I tend to upgrade my machines every 3 years and try not to do much 'underbonnet' fiddly in the meanwhile. So I can easily install my copy of Win2000 instead of XP.

I have tried to drill down in the SW web site to find out their policy for future support for Win2000 but no luck - Does anyone know for how many years SW will support future versions on Win2000.

I think I can live with Win2000 for the next three years - just to get something that actually works, but how long will SW make their new versions run on Win2000. To the non computer literate like myself XP seems to be a 'prettier' version of Win2000 but has it any other advantages over Win2000 that are worth the struggle to get SW to run on it?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Jonathan Stedman

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You should be able to let sw see your dongle by fiddling with winxpsp2's firewall settings regarding ports shouldn't you? I read something that mentioned this but sorry I don't have anymore information.


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If your Dongle is one of the new ones - SW1 - then SW04 cannot read those Dongles. The only fix is to get a new Dongle

Also a 1722 error is - There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor. Action [2], location: [3], command: [4] - This would idicate that XP SP2 has changed the version of the windows installer (As expected) and that is why it didn't finish it.

SP1 of SW05 will support XP SP2 and SP5.0 will support XP SP2 when they are released. If your using XP SP1 then SW will work fine wtih those SP - No need to pursue anything, just use the recommended SP for XP and you shouldn't have anymore problems like the error above.

Probably only up untill the next release of SW or until a new OS is released. - SW usually only supports an OS as long as MS supports it.

Regards, Scott Baugh

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Maybe you could work with the OEM to get a XP SP1 disk on trade or something, just explain your situation.


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Corey Scheich

Jonathan I replied to the other thread, but I'll copy it here:

Hi I had this problem - you have to fiddle with the drivers for the dongle - it's nothing to do with Solidworks as such. Her's the post that I wrote about updating:

Running hinstall.exe again doesn't work imediately, there is also a entry in the boot.ini file that needs turning off, otherwise the software can't see the HASP dongle. I have now got everything working again having followed the comments here:

formatting link
Looks like the Vectorworks people are having fun as well. If you have a USB dongle, there are updated drivers at the Aladdin site:
formatting link
I have the parallel dongle and simply using the existing hinstall version that came with Solidworks did the trick.

Hope this helps - once you make the change to the boot.ini file - it all flips back in to place, I've had no problems running SP0 (long story as to why I don't have updates) on XP sp2 - including some pretty huge assemblies. Email me if you are stuck and I'll try to wrack my brains a bit more! Regards Deri

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Deri Jones

Thanks for everybodies fast responses - I have to confess I have been very very stupid.

Deri - thanks for your advice - I tried your link and its solution but no luck. I have ,like you a 'parrallel dongle' ;-) that is a relic from the days of the last Tory government !! that how old it is so I was even thinking it was getting a bit old.

However I have read Scott's post carefully - and yep !! It appears I have no version of Solidworks that will run on my machine - I knew SW2005 needs sp1 but it had not clicked in my brain that SP5 of Sw2004 was also needed to run on XP sp2 and neither of these is available yet.

I am sorry to have wasted everybodies time over my stupidity and imaptience to try out my new machine. I suppose I will just have to nurse my existing machine for another week or so untill SP5 or Sp1 comes out -

In the meantime I think I will load on Win2000 and as I don't need the

3Gb switch in XP, I gather from Kellnerp's post that Win2000 is more that adaquate. I suppose there is alot of merit in the 'devil you know' and to keep using win2000.

Corey - I have tried to get hold of XP sp1 from local suppliers but without much luck so no luck in that direction.

Thanks again everybody.



As Scott

Scott wrote:

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Jon I have SW2004 sp0 running happily with a parallel dongle (HASP4) on XP pro sp2 - maybe you have an older version of the dongle - we got SW in

2001/2002 - must have been among the last to get the parallel dongles! - I'd check with your reseller (NTCADCAM?) to make sure it will work with SP5 - they might need to update it to a USB dongle. Cheers Deri
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Deri Jones

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