SW2004 with Win2000 or Win XP?

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I wanted to check on which operating system is performing better with SW2004. There seemed to be issues with SW2003 and WinXP, at least in the beginning so I wanted to recheck this with the group.

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I have tried both and XP Pro seems more stable, well it is now, since I removed the old security fix Q811943 and replaced it with the new one! I think a lot of the problems encountered are not due to the operating system, but the ram and graphic cards used. After changing my hardware to use 1Gb DDR ram and a quadro graphics card I have not (fingers and everything else crossed!) had one crash!! :-).

And this is running on a Compaq Machine with SP4.0, nuff said, lol.

Other things I have done is, to move the Windows swapfile to a different local hard-disk ( physical NOT dynamic), put the Toolbox onto the server, put the templates on to the server, put the vaults on to the server and move the Solidworks temp file location to another local hard-disk, where I can delete them easily at the end of the day. These temp files use a lot of space and can slow down the main drive.

The one thing I have noticed, is that on two identical Compaq P2.4 machines with exactly the same software, except one does not have Solidworks2003 Office, is the speed difference, even without Solidworks2003 Office running!! I thought it was the PC at fault, so I re-installed everything again but the other way around on the PC's. The "slowness problem" transferred to the other PC. This proves that it is due to Solidworks.

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