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Yes, It can be accomplished using SW API and VB.

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I'm wondering if through VB it is possible to write to a property in > an assembly and write to the same property in a part at the same time. > > Allow me to explain, we have a VB program that writes to properties > named after each part in the main assembly, it is configuration > specific. This property is picked up on various section drawings, this > ensures the right part# appears on the section dwgs. (Note: I know we > could and should use the std BOM and balloons but our shop manager > insists on having the part number appear on each part in the section > drawing as text.) > > At any rate, you've porbably figured out my problem.The users are > using the VB program to update part# changes at the drawing level but > not at the part level which in turn produces conflicting information > between the BOM and the drawings. > > I thought, if it is possible through the API to do so, that writing to > the same property in the part would be an effective solution. > > Does anyone have any insight on whether this is possible????
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