Vista + SW07 dosent work - dual boot virtual PC and xp with sw07 does it work 4 U

I recently got a new pc with vista and tried to load sw07 pro but it
wont run.
I was reading about virtual pc from MS which is free and it will allow
one to have a dual boot machine with xp.
So I was thinking about trying virtual pc with xp and then load sw07
and run it under sw07 - has anyone tried this and was it successful?
What issues if any did or have you had with this setup?
Notes: I understand that there is a sw07 version that will allow sw07
to run with vista but I am not under support now and havent got a
price from them yet. I also want to run this on the faster new
machine with vista, and dont want to hemorage more cash to ms and sw.
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Have you simply say you want to test it out on vista and you need the dvd for vista 2007. You "were" on support with 2007 (xp) so,.. you should be able to get a Vista version of SW2007. If they don't or won't,.. call up SW Corp and ask for the regional rep for your area and have him/her send you a dvd!
I'm pretty sure the codes are the same?
Anyway,.. just request a copy of the dvd, you paid for it if you were on subscription with 2007!
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Vista is SUC, it's like ME, one of those versions in between the good ones, just so they can say they have a new release
sort of like a lot of other MS stuff, sub par filler material
like their browser and email which have no spell check
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Chris Darwin
Since Nov '07 I've been running the SWX 2007 Vista version on a Samsung Q70 laptop loaded with Vista Ultimate, Intel Core 2 Duo T7300, 4GB RAM, 120 GB Hard Drive & NVIDIA GeForce 8400M graphics card.
I didn't buy it for SWX but it's the first vista box we got in - so i thought i'd give it a go.
I must say it works OK - graphics not up to the usual quadro standard and real view not supported - but it works OK.
I've only used it on parts and small 20ish part assemblies and some photoworks renders - but it's not crashed............... yet.
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