Miller 130 XP with Argon Tank


I have the opportunity to purchase a used (looks like new) Miller XP 130 with argon tank, in a rolling stand. the price is $300 in San Antonio, TX. This seems high for a used rig to me, just looking for input and suggestions. would it be more practical and make sense to purchase a new unit or is this price a good deal.

thank s

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Al Patrick

If you mean a Millermatic 130XP then I think it's a pretty good price. Follow this auction and see what this one goes for without the tank:

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Best Regards, Keith Marshall

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Keith Marshall

It sound like a good price, but *DO* check one thing... be sure the tank is private and not a rental. If it's a rental, the first time you try to fill it, they'll keep it.

James, Seattle

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