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District VIII Vice President

Michael Moss Sulphur, Louisiana

I guess I will start by telling you a little about my self and why I would like to be your next D-VIII Vice President. I have been in RC for over 15 years and have been involved in several areas of RC. big-birds, helicopter, pylon, & scale. Some of my duties in our club are teaching new members to fly air planes & helicopter, CDing our clubs 5 yearly events, building and maintaining our club web site and i am also the grounds keeper for our club. one of the greatest joys that I get out of RC is teaching new pilots how to fly. Its like raising children. you can feel their excitement when they are learning and it gives me a feeling that I have some worth by passing along something that they will have and enjoy for ever.

My platform will be simple. i hope to build a feeling in the D-VIII membership where they are encouraged about their future in D-VIII. And that every member should feel that he has the right to have a VP that is open to his suggestions and that the members should feel that they could make a contribution to their club or the district by running for any office.

Normally when you see or meet a leader any were they will never ask you what do you think I am doing wrong and do you have any ideas on what I should be doing. How often do you think any of our leadership wakes up in the middle of the night worrying about how things are going or can't get back to sleep worrying about if they are doing all they could be doing for the members.

I do not want this job for life I only want one or two terms if need be to see if I can bring a feeling of unity back into district D-VIII and the AMA. I believe that as a VP that every event you attend you should announce to the pilots that you are their and you want to know what's wrong with the district or your performance just to keep in touch.

your friend Michael moss

Horrace Cain New Caney, Texas

You are an AMA Vice President (VP). What is your main priority? Is it the administrative area or the operational realm? Certainly, we each have our own ideas about what should be pursued and accomplished. All ideas are welcome.

As your AMA District VP, I will communicate with you concerning the affairs of the AMA and the Executive Council. I will welcome your inputs regardless of the pro or con that you may present. Agree or disagree, my door will always be open.

If you elect me, I will bring forty years of experience in AMA business, including previously a VP from District VI. I was once an active CL and FF modeler. While I have flown mostly RC since 1973, I do keep my hand in CL sport.

While many current modelers think of AMA only in insurance terms, I think of AMA as a service organization charged to assure a secure future for this world of model aviation. AMA cannot be all things to all people, yet AMA can provide much more than insurance.

Any activity needs organization to focus the goals of the group. Model airplane people need Flying-Sites and public acceptance. AMA needs to be very proactive in establishing the worth of model aviation as a recreation, sport, a competition, and/or a very worthwhile activity. Only through national recognition can the required facilities be acquired and maintained.

As your District VP, I will pursue these goals. Evidence the Jetero RC facility near Houston.

Vote for Flying Fields and national recognition. Elect Horrace Cain to AMA District VIII Vice President.

Sandy Frank, Incumbent Weatherford, Texas

Hello, I am Dr. Sandy Frank. I am asking for your vote in this election. I have been an AMA member since 1957 (Life Member #69). I have built & flown all types of C/L, F/F and R/C models. My late father, Murry Frank (an AMA Fellow) taught me as a child about modeling and the personal fulfillment of AMA volunteer work. I have been a local, regional and national volunteer AMA worker for more than 39 years. I studied Aerospace Engineering at the UTA.

I am 55 years old & hold a Ph.D. I have operated my own successful business (retired). Now Aeromodeling is my life. I can and will devote the time and effort needed to represent you well to the AMA Board of Directors!

I promise not to push any personal agendas, philosophy or politics on you or the AMA. I shall represent the will of the majority of the membership within the District in the important matters which the AMA Council must decide. I will support no dues increases, no AMA-instigated lawsuits, local modeling support (especially local flying sites) as AMA's highest priority, presentation of all of Aeromodeling so as to gain national recognition (and support) and last but not least open communications between the AMA and all of its members.

Historically only 10% of the membership votes. So please vote! Your vote is needed and important! Your vote for me will be sincerely appreciated. Thank you, Sandy Frank 105 N.Brazos-Weatherford ,TX 76086-3207 Phone/Fax: (817)599-7131 email: snipped-for-privacy@airmail.net (I am available 24 X 7 X 365 to assist you!)

James G. Branaum Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas

I have owned my own company and now am a semi retired Systems Analyst in my mid 50's with growing children of school age. Previously I tried on a limited scale some free flight, rubber, and control line but was very dissatisfied with my results. I guess that is what happens when there are not enough interested hobby folks around. Changing that is one of my goals since it is clear that if we don't reach out effectively enough, we loose our impact and flying sites nationwide. Currently I actively fly indoor electics, mid sized glow and giant scale airplanes.

We need to change the approach used within our own organization so that it serves the hobby rather than the hobby serves it. Currently we seem to have an insurance problem because as a group we have failed to install accident prevention activities as a priority. Note that does not mean new rules because rules do not prevent accidents, the membership does. We have seen dues go up significantly due to the increase in insurance costs but not seen any recommendations from the AMA as to moves the membership could take to prevent future cost increases.

The AMA was founded to foster competition and yet today, as a group, most modelers do not compete. Since the goals of the membership have changed, it is clear we need to adjust the goals and directions of the AMA. Some changes in the goals and possibly the by-laws of the organization are being discussed now. We need effective representation to help the hobby grow with the AMA in Disctict VIII. To my way of thinking and doing business that means we need to have improved two way communications between the membership and the elected leaders rather than strictly leader driven communications. Good ideas are not the property of a few, but grow when there is free and open communication between respected parties. As a long term club officer, I have learned to listen respectfully to all the members because even those I have disagreements with have good ideas from time to time. I have used the ideas of a competitor when they were good, but I generally make sure that the individual was recognized for the contribution. We need to use this method in the AMA and in District VIII.

Please write in my name and AMA number on your ballot and return it to to the correct place, NOT Muncie!

Jim Branaum AMA 1428 snipped-for-privacy@earthlink.net Treasurer San Antonio Prop Busters AMA #1227

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Thanks Jim, I hope your district appreciates your posting of these statements.

While I will keep my opinions to myself as to which statement sounds the most realistic and NOT full of typical political BS, but I do have a question about the facts inferred by Sandy Frank.

He ends one paragraph with, "I studied Aerospace Engineering at the UTA."

and then starts the next paragraph with,

"I am 55 years old & hold a Ph.D. I have operated my own successful business (retired)."

I hope no one is lead to believe his PhD is in Aerospace Engineering. Any one who saw H. Sanford Franks' old web site (I can not find it now) remembers that it was stated there that his PhD was in Psychology.

True, a small point, but I would hate to see any one assuming something by poor word order, intended or not.


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Bill Archibald

Yeah, I had noticed that. I also noticed that he is STILL speaking of ligatation which seems to be his favorite subject. Wonder if he was speaking for J.Spence also. Did you happen to notice his communications comments? This is the same guy who no longer posts and refused to send some club officers specific information. Wonder how he can represent anything other than what his close friends tell him using that method for communications within the district. Oh well....

Jim Branaum AMA 1428

Six_O'clock_High Target snipped-for-privacy@Guns.com


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