Mark T. Smith AMA Executive Vice President Campaign statement

Executive Vice President Campaign statement
Mark T. Smith
Shawnee, Kansas
My name is Mark Smith and I'm running for the office of AMA Executive Vice
President. I am currently the AMA District 9 VP, holding this position for
the last three years. I have been active in model aviation most of my life
and held numerous leadership positions in clubs through the U.S. I am
asking for your support because I believe I have the broad background needed
to meet and exceed our President's expectations as his Vice President. The
past three years have been extremely busy and rewarding as depicted by the
following milestones:
District IX VP
· Established a District IX web site
· Held a Lawrence, KS District fly-in
· Traveled to all six states to meet with modelers to encourage
continued open communications.
· More than doubled the number of Leader Clubs in District
· Brought Omahawks, with approximately 200 members, into the AMA as a
Chartered Club
· Developed a strong AVP team which handles day-to- day AMA issues
within the District
Created, developed and implemented various Marketing programs to stimulate
membership growth. Worked to educate staff and Executive Council (EC) on
Marketing strategies. Explained the importance of product life cycles,
target markets and market segmentation, the importance of customer service
and product pricing.
Worked with EC members to ascertain the value of purchasing an on-line
entity and presented facts to Board.
Brought in Frank Tiano Enterprise to develop plan for Air Show America which
was estimated to render a positive financial and public relations return.
Continue to provide strategic support to XFC event.
Researched and contracted PR firm J Walcher Communications who have been
extremely active in bringing media attention to AMA which includes:
· Press releases
· Articles in various on-line magazines including
· Article in Newsweek magazine
· In progress
o ESPN coverage
o Fox News-Chicago interview
o Delta airlines article
o Park flyers for sale in Holiday Gift Guides
Headed committee to review applicants to manage 2009 convention. Socialized
ideas with key EC members and came to consensus to present to Board which
was approved.
Developed and nurtured relationships with key industry stakeholders as
Hobbico, Horizon, Global and Hobby Lobby.
Clearly, these accomplishments are due in large part to my extraordinary
team of District 9 Associate Vice Presidents and the collective wisdom of
the EC.
For the past three years, I have developed a close and highly respected
working relationship with our AMA President, Dave Mathewson. We communicate
on almost a daily basis to address AMA issues. If elected as your Executive
Vice President, I would like to focus on the following over the next three
· Stimulate the growth of AMA by implementing various creative
marketing programs
· Grow the number of Leader Clubs
· Grow and aid in securing flying sites for our clubs through creative
financing of club-owned sites
· Support the introduction and education of model aviation to our
· Provide leadership for the EC on financial matters
· Push for EC term limits so that new, fresh and creative ideas can be
implemented which results in ensuring the longevity of a healthy AMA
I would like to continue this modeling journey and with your support, I
believe we can accomplish even more in the next three years. Thank you!
Mark T. Smith
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Red Scholefield
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Charlie Chan say, "AMA internal affairs much like sausage. Best savored by diner if not know ingredients."
Ed Cregger
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Ed Cregger
Sweet Old Bob say, "the internal workings of any political organization are very similar to the digestive process of an adult male bovine,right up to, and including the output."
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Bob Cowell
As this is not a US specific group can we just agree to drop this, Us non USA fliers really don't care,. It'#s bad enough the initial candidate wants to spam the world (a good reason to not elect him) but lets not go on about it..
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Well I thought the initial post was amusing enough in its sheer parochiality, and Ed's response was even better.
Shame you has to spoil it by top posting a rather humorless response.
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The Natural Philosopher
Did someone say something? Must be me, I guess.
Ed Cregger
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Ed Cregger
It wasn't you Ed, it seems that some humorless individual took exception to my comment about politics.
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Bob Cowell

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