More AMA District VIII campaign.

Horrace Cain New Caney, TX

You are an AMA Vice President (VP). What is your main priority? Is it the administrative area or the operational realm? Certainly, we each have our own ideas about what should be pursued and accomplished. All ideas are welcome. As your AMA District VP, I will communicate with you concerning the affairs of the AMA and the Executive Council. I will welcome your inputs regardless of the pro or con that you may present. Agree or disagree, my door will always be open. If you elect me, I will bring forty years of experience in AMA business, including previously a VP from District VI. I was once an active CL and FF modeler. While I have flown mostly RC since 1973, I do keep my hand in CL sport. While many current modelers think of AMA only in insurance terms, I think of AMA as a service organization charged to assure a secure future for this world of model aviation. AMA cannot be all things to all people, yet AMA can provide much more than insurance. Any activity needs organization to focus the goals of the group. Model airplane people need Flying-Sites and public acceptance. AMA needs to be very proactive in establishing the worth of model aviation as a recreation, sport, a competition, and/or a very worthwhile activity. Only through national recognition can the required facilities be acquired and maintained. As your District VP, I will pursue these goals. Evidence the Jetero RC facility near Houston. Vote for Flying Fields and national recognition. Elect Horrace Cain to AMA District VIII Vice President.

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