District I AMA election heats up.

Looks like the guys in District-I are about to clean house and send another
useless VP packing.
See the action at R/C Universe in the AMA forums.
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Red S.
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Red Scholefield
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Are there any incumbents you like?
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Frank Costa
I think he was making a rhetorical response to Red. That's the way I see it anyway.
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Ha! I like the 'Dave Brown, Step Down'
My club had one experience with Don Krafft. I see no use for him. I've been to Andy's store a few times and never heard anything bad going on between anyone there. I also like the fact that, Andy's store is in RI and close to my house. He has a lot of stuff there. I have heard from lots of people that Andy is very active in R/C. Since he runs a store, he should know what's current in R/C based on what does and doesn't sell. To me, thats better than someone who doesn't seem to have a clue.
I sent in my ballot for Andy and Dave. Tony sounds like a nice guy based on all I've read. Too bad I couldn't vote for him as well.
This will be the year for change.
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Robert A. Plourde Jr.
It was tongue-in-check, yes. Contant critisism and unending dissatisfaction always brings it out in me. Are there posts or threads where an AMA official is congratulated and lauded for his accomplihments? I don't remember seeing too many of those. They can't all be useless curmudgeons, can they?
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Frank Costa
TOO -- 2 a : to an excessive degree : EXCESSIVELY b : to such a degree as to be regrettable
There can never be TOO MANY posts, laudable for AMA officials. It would be excellent and outstanding if 100% of mentions of AMA were laudable or offering congratulations. That would NOT be TOO MANY. Unfortunately very few actions of the EC are worthy of praise and congratulations except for the work on the new -- 2005 -- AMA Safety Code which is definitely commendable. Of course D. Mathewson was a strong worker on that chore.
So until the MEMBERSHIP places their own heads into a position that allows them to SEE, and demonstrates their ability to remove EC members as well as instate them, then there is no chance that you will ever see ENOUGH laudable and congratulatory postings of the EC. Still 100% is not TOO MANY.
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I hope that the person(s) that get elected to District 1 pays a little more attention to Vermont. It isnt all a wasteland up here ya know. Well Burlington maybe. We do have NE Sailplane products here.
Frank Costa wrote:
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jim breeyear

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