District VIII Campaign

For several years I have been watching, as others, and have concluded we
need some changes within the AMA. We need to change the approach used within
our own organization so that it serves the hobby rather than the hobby
serves it. Currently we seem to have an insurance problem because as a group
we have failed to install accident prevention activities as a priority. As
AMA members we have seen dues go up significantly due to the increase in
insurance costs but not seen any recommendations from the AMA as to moves we
could take to prevent future cost increases.
The AMA was founded to foster competition and yet today, as a group, most
modelers do not compete. Since the goals of the membership have changed, it
is clear we need to adjust the goals and directions of the AMA. Some changes
in the goals and possibly the by-laws of the organization are being
discussed now and we need effective representation to help the hobby grow
with the AMA. District VIII represents enough modelers that we should be
part of that process and yet it seems to be behind closed doors to most of
us. To my way of thinking and doing business that means we need to have
improved two way communications between the membership and the elected
leaders rather than strictly leader driven communications. Good ideas are
not the property of a few, but grow when there is free and open
communication between respected parties. There is evidence that open
communications still do not exist in District VIII.
Not to long ago many of us thought Sandy Frank was going to take a breath of
fresh air to the AMA for those of us in District VII, but that seems to have
turned out to be a vain hope. Horrace Cain was nominated and returned the
favor to two of his friends. Sandy Frank was nominated and HE nominated Bill
Lee and Doug Powell for the job. There were seven nominations made and
the AMA Nominations Committee was forced to put three poor choices on the
In February I decided that I was having too much fun being a modeler and
flying with my friends all over the district to bother running against
Sandy. I even discussed that specific decision and the reasoning behind it
with Bill Lee and other friends as I have crossed swords (or horns if you
prefer) with Sandy frequently. What has happen since should not be allowed
to continue.
The AMA ballot process starts with nominations and ends when the Nominating
Committee selects no more than the three best qualified candidates for the
ballot. What has happened in District VIII is that two candidates tried to
provide nominees to fill the ballot slots to force the Nominating Committee
to make choices. The incumbent is assured a slot unless 3/4 of the Committee
(which EXCLUDES the President and the ED) vote to refuse, however the
incumbent does have a vote.
Now what happened.
HC provided enough nominees to allow someone to force voting SF off the
ballot since there would be more nominees than slots on the ballot. SF
provided enough nominees to prevent many lesser qualified but well known
folks from getting on the ballot. using the same mechanism. Unfortunately
for both (but NOT us) their nominees had higher moral standards than they
did and all 'tainted' candidates withdrew in one manner or another. The time
it took for the addendum to be adopted was a big wave in the process because
the Nominating Committee wanted to be fair to all who really wanted to be on
the ballot. Some of Mike's paperwork was almost not timely enough.
Would either have taken that action had they been aware of an additional
strong candidate? Your guess is as good as mine, but I don't want folks who
demonstrate low ethics trying to tell us what to do.
I feel that the leadership of a $10 million dollar organization should have
significantly higher ethics than was demonstrated by two of the candidates
who are on the ballot have shown. I made that opinion known to more than one
person on the Nominating Committee before the meeting on 12 July. I was
embarrassed for the AMA EC who were among the victims of this low moral
activity when the ballot was set and took action accordingly. The Nominating
Committee hands were tied and they acted within the confines and scope of
the rules in place now. I suspect that those rules may change based on the
actions of most of the candidates in District VIII.
My write in campaign is an attempt to move the AMA from a few who seem to
feel they own the organization to something more resembling a democracy. One
of the two folks who has tried to corrupt the nomination process hides from
the public and has yet to even try to explain his action and it is clear he
expects to be elected since he is the incumbent. Meanwhile the other brags
about how he tried to use the system to improve HIS situation rather than
discuss how his immoral action would have helped the AMA.
Sorry folks, neither individual represents the morality we need running the
AMA. I have expressed this opinion everywhere I can and have yet to find
other AMA members who disagree with me on that point.
If you agree, please write my name and AMA number in on your District VIII
AMA ballot.
Jim Branaum AMA 1428
Oh, you can see the campaign statements of the "Official AMA Candidates" at:
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Thanks for your time.
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Gee Jim, does the word 'verbose' mean anything to you?
On the other hand, there are a LOT OF FACTS in your post if anyone takes the time to read it all.
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What FACTS? IMO, a lot of pure garbage in distortions, half-truths, speculations and a lot of wishful thinking.
Example: JB says, "For several years I have been watching, as others, and have concluded we need some changes within the AMA." Yet, after, "several years" JB was having too much fun to give a rat's butt about AMA. He said, "In February I decided that I was having too much fun being a modeler and flying with my friends all over the district to bother running against Sandy.
However comes an event where a potentially strong candidate surfaces against his former hero, SF, and some techniques are used that are a bit far out-of-the-box for JB to comprehend, now JB sees himself as a white knight riding to the rescue. Rescue for WHAT?
There is nothing wrong with the "Now what happened" as JR so drastically distorts and whines about. The RCU crowd was told early that the D-VIII ballot would be full. If JB had some problem, he could have been nominated and submitted his paperwork, however remember all that fun he was having and NOT worrying about the future of AMA. The Nominating Committee is charged with sorting the wheat and the chaff. With only one district in contest, they needed some exercise. JR is nothing more than a groupie for SF, simply trying to split the vote to assist the incumbent SF to return to power. What the boys are letting sneak by them is that a "sleeper" is there. They seem to scoff at Mike Moss because his writing seems a bit flawed, yet he is a great modeler and does a LOT of work promoting big-birds and helicopters. I kind of think that the final results of this election just may surprise a few of the wizards (the Cain-bashers) and the SF groupie crowd. If you don't care for SF and have a problem with me, then I suggest you take a long look at MM. Maybe a bit rusty around the gills, but the ability is there.
JB is a disaster waiting to happen, and has not one original thought concerning the better future for AMA. You may not like my ideas and/or my methods for actually getting things DONE, plus informing you what is in progress, plus what is NOT being DONE, but I tell you this: JB won't get anything done as he knows NOT what needs doing, or how to accomplish anything that he might find to do. Don't waste your ink.
Horrace D. Cain *********************** "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Albert Einstein
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Well said, Horrace....
Bill Fulmer
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Bill Fulmer
Now there's something we agree on Horrace! You are certainly familiar with garbage! However, in this case you demonstrate magnificantly why YOU should NOT be elected.
Give it up Cain! The time for your Gestapo type tactics is long past.
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Fly Higher
Horrace, you are full of crap.
I view Sandy Frank's messing with the election process with the same disdain I feel for you. Is that clear enough for you?
Neither the sitting D8 VP nor the prior D6 VP (that's you Horrace) showed any concern for the membership by playing games IMHO.
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Here is a post made on RCU that I did not make, but, wish I had been bright enough to come up with. Credit goes to Howie Land:
Horrace Cain:
"Garbage in garbage out. I think was one that I remember"
'Here we have a combination of the above in JB's message. I have no clue to what was placed in, however plenty of garbage comes out and, IMO, mostly by choice of the individual making the output, to assure that that output is slanted to whatever advantage he perceives"
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Horrace Cain:
"Now JB is running on the plank that he thinks actions by Sandy and Myself were less than ethical. I disagree"
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"I previously announced that the D-VIII slate would be full. SF got nervous and nominated 2 of his buddies. So what?"
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"The AMA EC made those rules and I simply used the rules they made. Just like the IRS: Congress leaves loop-holes in the laws for themselves and when I can find those loopholes and use them to MY benefit, then I am simply following the rules "They" made. No regrets here."
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"Let's let it all hang out. "Politically Correct" is NOT my forte. What IS my forte is GETTING THE JOB DONE or MISSION ACCOMPLISHMENT. Bombs on target or Passengers to destination-on-time was always the objective.
Was it politically correct how I finagled getting the final release of the frequencies from FCC? Not hardly as that could have been called bribery which I think may not be considered "procedural protocol", except it WORKS and that is NOT the only time I bought what I needed. Whatever gets the job done is what I go for.
When the road is blocked, if I am motivated to continue, I will find a suitable detour."
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"What a person CAN and WILL do in the future is substantiated by what one HAS DONE in the PAST."
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Horrace Cain:
"The incumbent is assured a slot unless 3/4 of the Committee (which EXCLUDES the VP and the ED) vote to refuse, however the incumbent does have a vote."
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Fact: ED not member NC. No Prohibition, in By-Laws, Standing Rules, on incumbent voting for self
Horrace Cain:
"Therefore for those that want a strong personality, yet one willing to listen and adapt, one that is a veteran of the political battles, and one with a background of ALL modeling then you have only one choice: ME "
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"If it's a "game" at my level, then it is a fun game. No BFD! Yet, I will play when it suits my particular taste at the particular time."
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Horrace Cain:
"THANK YOU, GUYS. While I have no evidence to prove such, your moral indignation provides me with the feeling to assure me that you each said the same to one Mr. Doug Holland, then and currently the AMA Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer when his attorneys filed against me last October. While I questioned issues, and made no such derogatory statements of his personal qualifications or persona image, Mr. Holland's attorneys conferred the existence of malice as my questions reflected on Mr. Holland's personal professional life.
My attorney, after review of all charges and all relevant factors determined the charges rather frivolous, yet he also indicated the large amount of money required for defense which I personally did not care to spend. Still, I was out of enough to fund several new Big Birds. All in all, I quit campaigning, Mr. Holland won the election big time, and then dropped the suit."
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Therefore I have no evidence concerning what is / is not true other than as for myself. I will no longer pay for anything dealing with AMA politics, and I have not done so since paying my legal defense against the lawsuit initiated by the current EVP last October. Perhaps the EC will soon be like Congress -- the very best that MONEY CAN BUY!!!
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The Initial letter only referenced that advertising that I sent by e and snail mail via "Fliers". Such "Fliers" only contained questions concerning events/information already recorded in official AMA minutes. Even when the claim is without any foundation, one has legal defense expenses.
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Horrace Cain:
I find it offensive and abusive when someone too lazy to initially enter the competition for a place on the ballot will then start a formidable write-in campaign to further split the vote even more from those that do contest the incumbent.
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Jim B., Welcome to the cess pool. Gonna' be interesting. In another post I stated that D-VIII voters have a choice of 3 distinct personalities. Now there's four.
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Horrace Cain:
1978 Elected District VI Vice-President, quit in the middle of second term
Howie Land, AR
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I think Horrace is having nightmares
Quote Horrace Cain:
Horrace Cain:
"Right Now, of some 18,000 D-8 members, I predict SF 1500, J. Branum 600, M. Moss 500, H.Cain 350. Lost-destroyed 950. "
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Well Gee JR! If he's full of crap then how can he be full of hot air? Or full of himself? Or just plain full of it?
Straight shooting is one thing. Vulgarity is another and Horrace is vulgar under his guise of being honest!
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Fly Higher
Why does this remind me of a bunch of eighth grade girls running for cheerleader?
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Randy Ott
But wouldn't that be worth watching?
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David Smith
Naw! The eighth grade girls I grew up with had a hell of a lot more on the ball than at least two of these candidates.
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Fly Higher

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