An Open Letter to Sandy Frank

This is being published on many venues to insure it is read.
I have not always agreed with you and have frequently thought your
directions were wrong, but for the good of the organization I determined to
just let you do your thing for another three years until your actions of
early summer. I have known about some of your flaws, the penchant to give
the impression of a threat of physical violence at EC meetings, the apparent
encouragement of others to file or threaten lawsuits against modelers for
various reasons, and most of the many various 'screen' pseudo names (UNOWHO,
and J.Spence to name a couple) you have hidden behind. But none of those
flaws appeared to be strong enough to seriously weaken your position as
District VIII AMA VP with the electorate. In fact during your trip to the
Valley in February I shared those thoughts with Bill and told him that and
that I would rather model than run against you.
Your actions of nominating your friends to run against you smacks of
unethical and immoral conduct and is unacceptable behavior from someone who
is in a position of authority. I am sure that many in the district share
that view as you have never bothered to tell exactly why you felt it
necessary to launch a direct attack on very fabric of the fraternal
organization we know as the AMA. Your absence from discussions on the
subject smacks of an attempt to hide from the responsibility for the actions
you have taken.
Someone has suggested that you took that action because you were afraid of
Horrace Cain. I find that incredulous because even Horrace admits he cannot
beat your in an election. I had thought you had more courage than your
actions seem to demonstrate, but I have been wrong before. The impression
your actions seem to give is that the AMA is to be run by kings who appoint
and anoint their successors and assigns. Now is the time for you to come
out in public and tell us why you have taken actions many view as a direct
attack on the ability to chose given modelers within the AMA. Now is the
time for you to tell why I am wrong.
I remain,
the write in candidate for District VIII AMA VP
Jim Branaum AMA 1428
On some venues A.K.A.
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you, and many others, need a new hobby, and soon. or maybe no hobbies at all would be best.
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Our hobby is supposed to be the one thing devoid of politics, stress, litigation, confrontation, and the many other annoyances usually assosiated with one's "work". Why anyone would actually invite such nonsense into their "play" is WAAAAAAAY beyond me. I guess some people just can't get enough pressure.
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Frank Costa
Welcome to planet Earth. :-) Anything that requires even a modicum of organization will eventually face opposing factions as to how that organization is to be implemented.
Red S.
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Red Scholefield
Why you using such big words, when "3 people" would have done just as well?
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John Alt
And you need to learn how to bullshit so the rest of us don't get blasted with it.
Cheers, Fred McClellan the dash plumber at mindspring dot com
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Fred McClellan
Because he has a grasp of the English language?
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