One week to Deadline.

Only ONE more week to procrastinate. AMA election ballot deadline is 11/14
If you have your new '04 AMA Card (Safety Code Card enclosed) or the Dec. MA,
(Pg. 163) take a look at all those new rules against your flying fun.
That Safety Code grows each year and soon those rules are going to come FOR
YOU, if not already so. The RULE-CANCER is growing by leaps and bounds. Only
YOU can do something to stop it.
AMA District VIII has one VP candidate that has vowed to fight new rules and
lobby to remove some already there. Irresponsibility is not limited to those
being ruled, it also happens where rules are formed and levied.
Therefore I suggest that you do yourself a favor and get all your District VIII
buddies to tear that ballot off that AMA renewal, presently stuck away for
later use, Vote and send a message for change to AMA. Your ball -- Your court
-- don't fumble.
BTW a large number of write-ins in the other even-districts will also indicate
a displeasure of RULES, RULES. RULES. Even if it's "Mickey Mouse", the message
is displayed. You may not change that VP this year, however you can let your
voices be heard.
Horrace Cain
AMA 539 Leader Member
Candidate, AMA District VIII Vice President.
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Horrace is right guys. If you don't like what you have got, you can vote for a change.
What he did not tell you is that there are three "official" candidates and one write in.
The official candidates are:
Dr. H. Sanford Frank a psychologist who is the incumbent
Horrace Cain a previous District 6 VP who resigned his position
Mike Moss a helicopter guy who is overseas
and the write in candidate is
Jim Branaum AMA 1428 who dislikes the games some of these people (Frank and Cain) have played with the nominating process and thinks they tend to indicate the type of action (less than good) we could expect from these folks if in office next year. We don't need more rules, but we do need rules that make sense.
Jim Branaum AMA LM 1428
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resignation, HC
Hey Horrace, I never saw you and have yet to hear a first person report from anyone other than you that you were there. Sorry if you felt slighted, it was NOT my intent. Howerver, I do have one very simple question. If you were standing next to me at Bomber Field, pray tell why YOU did not have the manly courage to say something? .
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Watching you two bicker reminds me of my two daughters. Please give us a break and take this off-line.
I can assure the both of you, Neither of you are winning any votes with this adolescent bickering.
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Ted, You know you are right. I am sorry that I offended you by falling into the filth Horrace shovels. Jim Branaum AMA 1428
Six_O'clock_High Target
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What a soap opera! As the prop turns.......So do the Days of Your Lives.
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Mike Wizynajtys
I was at the Sept. scale meet at Bomber Field on Saturday. I asked around about Horrace because I've corresponded with him (even swapped a couple of kits with him) but never met him in person. Several guys who knew him said they'd seen him at the field that day and described the clothes he was wearing. I was still looking for him (it was a pretty big crowd) when the rain came and I had to leave. Now, I don't believe all those guys were lying. I think he was there all right.
BTW, JB, I didn't see you (and I'd recognise you) but one of my Kerrville flying buddies said you were over at their tables soliciting votes. So I suppose you were there too.
Six_O'Clock_High wrote:
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Charles & Peggy Robinson
Ah well, it happens. The part that smells is that HC says he stood right next to me and claims I ignored him. I like airplanes. Bomber Field is a collection of wonderful airplanes. I still wonder why he did not have the courage to say something to me since I obviously did not see him. His choice always seems to be combative and he seems to relish living in the attack mode. Too bad since that impedes the chances of friendship. The really funny thing about this whole mess is some of the back channel filth he has said about some of my friends.
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You walked up and spoke to the person that I was speaking to. You did not speak to me so that was just dandy with me.
You wouldn't be laughing if you had to document such a lie as that JB, (just brainless?) Oh well we had our time in the sun. Now it's back to the regular humdrum of being just another modeler on the circuit. Ain't it sad -- we don' got no stinkin' importance any more! So sad!
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Horrace, I have enough integrity to not post private stuff without premission. If you allow, I am willing to make public what you sent me and let the chips fall where they may. Otherwise I suggest you back down your fecal shoveling.
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I stand behind what I say and so admit when it is wrong. I do recall sending one pm that was NOT complementary to you. The election is over today and all else is purely personal. Do as you please.
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Horrace, I really don't understand why you feel it necessary to call names and spread filth about someone you don't even know in a private e-mail to others. That sir, stinks. Enjoy the reminder of your high moral standards - NOT!
Subject: PM from Hossfly: On the line
So you simple minded buffoon, this kind of craph just may not be in your best interest. I was there, plenty of contacts, and I do not have to prove anything. Your pile of dog feces called Dream flyer started this crap, not me. YOU are the idiot that is pushing the envelope. 'Nuff said from here.
----------- End of Private Message (PM) -------------
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