OS 91 Surpass rebuild timming????

Ok, I've torn my 91 Surpass down and have gotten new bearings and a new piston ring. Now I need to figure out how to time the valve train. I know the piston needs to be at TDC and I can see the mark on the cam assy but what does this line up with????? Thanks in advance and any other tips or suggestions would be appreciated. I've had this motor for quite a few years and on several models but it was starting to sound like the bearings were trying to come undone.

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Mike Gordon
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it lines up with 12 o'clock. there should be a mark of some sort on the prop driver which will also be at 12.

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Elliot Howells

The drive washer has a small line on it that must line up with the seam in the crankcase top side. That's "TDC" (Top Dead Center). The "dot" on the cam gear will be either directly under the cam follower or exactly 180 deg away from the follower, whichever way is easier for you. The cam turns at 1/2 crankshaft speed so either way is correct. I find it easiest to leave the right (starboard, exhaust side) cam follower out until I get the cam in. The dot will be directly under and centered between the edges of the cam follower hole.


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