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Thought I'd give you guys a little self-intro, so you can set your kill-filters and such appropriately. :)

I'm 37, and through the 70's I played with largely 'basic' bricks, making houses and such. And when I say basic, I mean the only non-rectangular bricks were about a dozen roof-angle pieces and four curved pieces that invariably became the floating life-ring in the LEGO swimming pool.

In the 80's I got two small spaceship sets for a birthday or a Christmas present. The more specialized pieces from these kits were enough for me to cobble together a pretty passable Millennium Falcon. (I was pleasantly surprised to see an official mini Falcon that looked surprisingly similar to mine recently.)

These days, thanks in part to my young nephews, I've gotten hooked on Harry Potter, and I've gotten most of the Hogwarts castle sets, and I purchased the electric train parts to make the Hogwarts Express mobile. I've also gotten the Frankenstein castle/lab set, and I'm starting to think of ways to create a Disney-style Haunted Mansion, with little themed rooms, and maybe even the little Doom Buggies with figures riding in them.But that's all for the future.

Right now, I'm in the process of re-assembling my Hogwarts castle sets that were decimated by my nephews last Thanksgiving. (One of the cool parts about Lego stuff is that it's so hard to break.) I've also got a big bucket full of mostly basic bricks that I'll use to make a tunnel for the train. It's becoming more and more difficult to resist the new Orient Adventure stuff, since I love the Indiana Jones movies as well as the older Jules Verne stories. Oh, and now that I've seen the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, I'll also be looking into buying some of the older pirate ship stuff as well eventually. :)

In short, I've re-discovered my love of Lego, but it looks like I've got a lot of stuff to learn before I can be more like the hardcore folks here. Is there a FAQ for the group that lists things like the more popular acronyms and such?

See you around, Dennis

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Dennis Kuhn
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You'll want to check out

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You can probably find a LUG (Lego User Group) near your place.


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