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It looks to be one of the tracks from set 7248 Digger. You can see some of the bottom half of it, as well as a bit of the yellow hub that is connected to the crank. I'm just going by the picture as well. My local Lego store (Disney Market Place, Orlando Florida) has been in the habit of having most of the new sets assembled and on display, but when I was there Tuesday they were undergoing renovation and operating out of a tent nearby. Their current idea of Pick-a-Brick is pre-filled grab bag containers. I am willing to be very impressed by the finished renovation. Over the boards, you can catch a glimpse of a big red lego dinosaur. Outside of the barrier is a new lego tourist family walking a few dogs, all lifesized. I hope the pick-a-brick area is being expanded. It has always been missing some of the things that I've been loking for from the LDD pallette.
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