How to reburbish/setup unknown torch set

In a stroke of luck I have become the owner of a Harris A/O torch set
(was in a box of other stuff....price = $0). I know that they haven't
been even looked at let alone used in 2-3 years (maybe more?). I don't
have any tanks yet to test them with (maybe next week sometime). I have
cleaned them up (they look next to new now) and didn't see anything
obviously wrong.
The questions:
- are there things I should specifically check before trying them?
Specific tests to try?
- do they make 'rebuild' kits for the torches or regs
- is there a good WWW site that describes general reg/torch
maintenance? (doing a google now but thought I would put it here as well)
What I have:
- Harris Model 25 regs (25-100 & 25-15)
- 2 Harris Automatic model 50 (50-4) torches (with flash protectors)
- 1 Purox cutting torch. No model number but look like the W-200 and
CW-200 from the ESAB WWW site
I was spoiled before using the school setup or my uncle's torch setup
who did all the upkeep of the setup. I'd ask my uncle but he is out of
town now.
Thanks, Jeff
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Jeff Williams
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In message , Jeff Williams writes
Harris Calorific are owned by Lincoln Electric.Check 'O' rings,if OK then light up, approx. 2psi acetylene and oxygen .
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