MIG shielding gas flow rate help

Hi, I have just purchased a tank/regulator ect for my machine but I'm
confused as to proper gas flow rates. Lincoln suggests 25-35 cfh ( per
formatting link
) but
one of my instructors suggests a flow rate of 6-12 cfh. I'll be welding lap
and butt joints in 20 ga. mild steel. Your help-feedback is appreciated.
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i dont see how 6-12cfh will adequately shield your pool. i run 25cfh.
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Nathan Collier
Sounds like your instructor was talking TIG instead of MIG. For MIG you should need 20-25 if welding indoors and/or in still air. In a minor breeze you might need 30-35. Any more than a breeze and you just need to give it up for the day.
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Keith Marshall
I run at 20cfh in an open garage and no drafts. I've tried 10 to 15cfh but found questionable results at times so I stick with 20 so if there's any problems I instantly rule out the gas flow setting. If you are welding in drafty conditions then go with the 25 to 35. More than that will create it's own draft and suck air into the shield. You should not be MIG welding in an environment with more than 5mph of draft (that means next to none) on the "weld surface". If you can't light a BIC lighter easily then there's probably too much wind. Put up wind breakers next to the welding area.
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25-35 cfh
6-12 cfh is for tig welding
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Thanks group for all the responses. I first set my regulator at 10 cfh and got OK results. Bumped up the flow to 20 cfh and now, finally, everything is working like it should. Again, thanks!!
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