What shielding gas for MIG?

What kind of shielding gas should I get for my new MM210?

Pure Co2, or ARgon/Co2 mix? other mix?

I will be welding mostly 2" erw tube, making rollcages etc. Thanks,

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I use Argon/CO2 mix, myself...

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Me Too......

Pure CO2 will run hotter, giving more penetration, but more spatter.

I think 75% argon, 25% C02 is the most common mix - Should work great for your use....



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Jeff Sellers

My recommendation would be C-25, which is a mixture of 75% argon and

25% CO2. Also, I have quite a bit of welding time logged in on a MM 210, and the unit definitely likes to run an .030 E70S-6 solid wire better then an .035 E70S-6.
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I use a Millermatic 251 with a 75%/25% Argon/CO2 mix and it runs like a charm. This is a very common mix and should be available pretty much everywhere.

Thanks, James Jigsaw Custom Fabricating

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James Walsh Jr.

Thanks, Thats what I ended up getting.. Also got the 0.030 solid wire..

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This mix now comes in 86/14 which will give you more heat and penetration. Check with your supplier.


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If you're running spray parameters. I wish I could get that at work, we use

92/8 because that and C25 are the only choices. Just got my new Miller wire feeder from Grainger, can't wait to get it set up on Monday. The old ESAB WFU 11 bit the dust and troubleshooting was not successful. I'd still like to save it but decided to go for the Miller 22A to stay in operation.
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On mild steel, straight CO2 is my preference.


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Both work great. I like John, use CO2. It gives me a bit more heat and is dirt cheap. Just be sure to spray the areas with Pam cooking spay or an anti spatter spray as CO2 tends to spatter a bit more.


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