Leads for Lincoln Welder

I am attempting to increase the length of (change) the leads on my
Lincoln AC/DC 225/110 welder.
How do you get to the inside front of the welder? Is there something
obvious that I am missing?
Any help is appreciated.
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You should buy your cables then two pairs of quick connects. There are a variety of styles. Your welding supply house will have connectors in stock. You attach the connectors on your original cables and then the mating ones to your extensions. Usually it is wise to have your electrode cable longer than your ground lead. Randy
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Randy Zimmerman
Well, it's a bitch. The front, sides, and top are one stamped piece. You access the internals by removing the upper and lower back panels. There's a parts diagram in the owner's manual that helps.
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Bob Engelhardt
As someone else said, it's a bitch! I just did it a couple of weeks ago because the polarity switch shaft is broken on mine. It's not fun at all. The case is the structure of the thing and when you start taking it apart the internal parts just kind of flop around. I had one large lead break off from the polarity switch and it was a PITA to reattach. There are also a couple of exposed, flat conductors in there that you have to be careful to position correctly and safely when you put it back together.
I get to do it all again in a few days when my new shaft arrives. :-(
The advice from another poster to put connectors on the ends of the existings leads and make extensions is definitely the best way to go. Not the cheapest of course but a lot less trouble. It also allows you to use a couple of different sets of leads. A long set can be a pain at times so you can have a short set and a long set.
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Keith Marshall
Thanks for your suggestions. I think I am going to check into the extentions. I already have the box somewhat taken apart but I havn't accessed the front yet. I am afraid that I'm going to mess something up in the process so the extentions sounds like the best way to go.
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Can't help with taking it apart but I have installed jacks for my leads on a couple of buzz boxes. About $8 at the Lincoln dealer. Makes cord management a bit easier, especially when you move it around.
Dar> I am attempting to increase the length of (change) the leads on my
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Roy J

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