Shielding Gas Trade Name vs Composition

I was just transfering some information I have on different gases trade name and composition. Some informationn is missing or is in conflict with various sources; Blueshield 3 in australia is different than in canada or possibly just a typo.

It will be a good reference when a supplier tries to tell you that STARGOLD C-25 is Superior to BLUESHIELD 8. (C-25)

If anyone can fill in a few blanks that would be great; once complete I will make the list available too the dropbox. A few compositions I am missing are:

BlueShield 3 BlueShield 9 BlueShield 10 BlueShield 11 BlueShield 12 BlueShield 14 BlueShield 15 ARCAL 14 ARCAL 39 ARCAL 121 ARCAL 129 ARCAL 211 T.I.M.E 2 T.I.M.E 3 I have T.I.M.E 1 although a few gases are within a range of 1% but it is close enough for comparisons. I have most of the gases from Praxair, just left out some specialty mixes for Robots. One thing about Praxair their gas mixes are not Top Secret.

John Noon

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